Review: Lipstick Queen Central Park

Lipstick Queen's Central Park is a bit of a misfit in the Lipstick Queen collection. It's not part of any of their regular lines, so you can't just go buy it by itself (annoying). Rather, it comes in the Liptropolis Lipstick Library set with a couple of other shades. Central Park is somewhere between a Saint and Sinner texture-wise. It's pretty amazing. The finish is balmy and it's incredibly comfortable to wear, but it also lasts and lasts because the pigmentation is actually much better than my swatch would suggest. I can't really figure out how they get such a balmy lipstick to last so long - some kind of Lipstick Queen voodoo. The color of Central Park is, unfortunately, not flattering on me. It's a true red and those always look clownish on me, even blotted down.  But if reds float your boat, I'd advise trying to track down a Central Park - it'll be worth your while.


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