Review: Lancome Grandiose Mascara

I really like Lancome Definicils mascara but I like to branch out every now and again, so when I saw Grandiose's wonky applicator, I had to try it. Just LOOK at that thing - it's bent to supposedly make it easier for you to apply, and its stubby plastic brush is meant to enable you to get at every little lash from root to tip. Furthermore, the formula is meant to be smudge-resistant. This is key for me and mascara, as I am very smudge-prone. I am sorry to say that Lancome Grandiose failed to deliver on every single advertised benefit.

Let's start with the wand. The shape is fine to get at half your lashes, but I found I had to twist it around awkwardly to get at the rest. A normal straight wand is much easier. The brush is terrible. I don't have good luck with these spiked plastic wands - give me a more traditional bristle any day. Because the bristles are so short, they don't separate the lashes well, which leads to clumping. I also find I am much more prone to stabbing myself in the eye with the thing because I have to get the entire wand so close to the root of my lashes before it reaches them.

Now, the formula. It feels thinner and less waxy than many other mascaras and that seemed promising. Aside from the clumpiness produced by the dratted wand, it applied smoothly and was a jet black that coated my lashes nicely. However, within a few hours I had smudge city. Really, this is one of the more egregious smudgers I've ever tested in terms of how little wear time I got before it started to go all raccoon on me.  I'm sorely disappointed - for $32, I expected far better.


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