Review: By Kilian Flower of Immortality

That utilitarian, homely bottle you see above is what you get when you buy a By Kilian refill set (along with a funnel and small glass atomizer). It may not look like much, and they have some nerve charging $160 for it, but you get 50 ml of fragrance - the same amount that you get if you pay a cool $260 for the fancy bottle. For me, it's a no-brainer: I'm not going to spend an extra $100 for a nicer bottle. Averse as I am to grossly inflated pricing, Flower of Immortality is worth the pain. I have never smelled a more crystalline and perfect peach. It's not a heavy, sweet fruity scent but rather a light, summery clean musk tinged with white flowers and the aroma of juicy peaches. This is one of those perfumes that floats ethereally around you for the duration of its wear (around 8 hours for me). At no point does it go heavy or dull; the drydown is much like the opening, minus perhaps a bit of tartness in the peach note. I wear it often in spring and summer, but also like to pull it out in winter on occasion to remember warm days.


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