Why I Just Canceled My GlossyBox Subscription

I've been a GlossyBox subscriber for nearly two years. Overall, I've enjoyed my experience with GlossyBox and would recommend the service. Ultimately, though, the past several boxes I've received have just been disappointing and started to repeat brands I'd already been sent. I think they may have reached the limit of new things they can send me that I will enjoy, so it's time for me to move on. I have just signed up for Sephora Play, which has the advantage of being considerably cheaper. I look forward to reviewing those products here. For now, I don't want to leave GlossyBox without doing a round-up of the pros and cons. I hope this proves helpful to some of you.


  • Glossy Box has a large range of brands, both obscure and well-known. I found some new loves from the service that I probably would not have otherwise sampled, such as Julep Eye GliderTrust Fund Beauty Nail Polish, and Etre Belle Aloe Vera Gel
  • The packaging is beautiful. Glossy Box plays to every girly instinct, and you receive a box that is pink-hued and wrapped up like a present for you. It's such a nice mail day when it's a Glossy Box day.
  • The product sizes are generous. I always received at least one full-sized product, and even the sample sizes were more in line with a deluxe travel size than the tiny single-use samples most places give out. 
  • Boxes are somewhat customizable. You fill out a survey about your coloring and preferences when you join and after every box you have the opportunity to give them feedback.


  • That diversity of brands can give you some real lemons. You just never know whether that obscure product you've never heard of is going to be a diamond in the rough or a stinker. Recently, GlossyBox seems to have started its own line of cosmetics, as well, and is sending them in the boxes. I didn't like that at all because the products were not good quality and they seemed to be schilling them at the expense of their subscribers.
  • It is more expensive than most other subscription services at $21/month. To be fair, I almost always felt I was getting my money's worth, though.
  • The rewards system is terrible. You earn points by filling out product feedback surveys, which I did diligently for the entire time I was a subscriber and I never earned enough points for a free box.
  • They don't customize enough for maximum customer satisfaction. For example, I don't recall Glossy Box ever asking me in their surveys whether I am cool- or warm-toned. This is really important when choosing colors to send and there have been a few occasions where a product looked terrible on me because they sent me an awful shade for my coloring. 


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