Review: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum

It's fairly rare to find a crisp, citrus fragrance with top notes that don't wilt horribly within several minutes of spraying. Neroli Portofino is one of those rare gems, and so I will reluctantly concede that it may be worth its horrible $140 for 1 oz price tag. (Fortunately, I purchased mine from a CCO outlet for way less.)  This is one of my favorite fragrances for summer or when I'm feeling low. It's a sparkling, happy pick me up. It opens with a fizzy blast of neroli, mandarin, and lemon. It reminds me of a mimosa cocktail because it just sparkles on the senses. This effect endures for several hours until we move to the next phase, which gentles it to a pleasant lavender and light amber blend still tinged with a hint of sweet citrus. It's delightful - if you can afford it.

I sell decants of some of my fragrances. If you're interested in purchasing a decant of Neroli Portofino, please see my blog sale page for prices and ordering instructions.


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