Review: Rhonda Allison Grapeseed Hydrating Serum

This is a cautionary tale. Some months ago, it was my birthday. I took the day off and decided to go to my favorite spa for a massage and a facial. Woe unto me, my usual esthetician  was not working that day. So, I tried someone else and regretted it for two reasons. First, the facial wasn't very good. Second, she tried to get me to buy a whole slew of products (which my usual esthetician never does). Against my better judgment, I bought this grapeseed serum from Rhonda Allison. I happily used up this Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Rinse that I bought last year, so I thought of all the products she pushed on me, this was the best bet. This "serum", though, is terrible for me. First, it makes me smell like potpourri...all day. It's packed with orange, cinnamon, and clove oils which smell quite strongly and are not to my taste. It's puzzling that they would put these into a face serum, given all can be irritating to the skin. Other than that, the stuff is mostly just grapeseed oil. If I wanted to just put oil on my face, I could go out and buy some. It just doesn't work for me. My skin is not dry enough to absorb it and it pools on my face. My makeup looks absolutely terrible when I wear this and I find that for some reason it seems to make my foundation sink into fine lines, exaggerating them quite a bit.  I'm 34 - I'm not looking for an anti-aging product to age me.  Lesson learned - I will never leave my esthetician again, birthday or no.


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