Review: Tom Ford Eyeliner in Slate (SS 2016)

Tom Ford's eyeliner in "slate" just adds to my annoyance at the brand for its misleadingly named spring/summer 2016 colors. Slate should be a cool gray-blue. Instead what you have here is a strange brown with perhaps a hint of gray if we're feeling charitable. OK, putting that aside, how does it perform?  I like the packaging, with its sleek twist-up design. The eyeliner stick itself is quite slender, which in theory helps get right to the root of the lashes with a thin, fine line. In practice, the texture of this is very hard to work with. It's hard - rather like the Chanel eyeliners - so you have to press firmly to get any payoff, but because it is so skinny, when you do that it is prone to breaking. As you can see in the bottom swatch on my arm, it's only partially completed because the tip of the eyeliner broke off mid-swatch.  Not good. Once you actually have it on the eye, it wears OK. I did not get any smudging but did get a lot of fading by the end of the day.  Overall, I find it almost criminal that they charge $42 for these. Save your money and get some Chantecaille liners instead.


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