Review: Pure Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Pouty Pink

I received this lip gloss in my Glossy Box shipment. The packaging is clever, but I am pretty sure there are other companies using this same design. It has a mirror on the side of the tube and when you unscrew the top, a light comes on at the base of where you hold the doefoot applicator so you can apply your lip gloss without using a separate mirror. Handy if you want something to pop into your bag and apply on the go.  That's not all, though. I really like this lip gloss formula. It is thick and creamy and applies almost more like a liquid lipstick than a gel. It is far more wet and hydrating than a liquid lipstick. It is very comfortable to wear, and for people who complain about "sticky" lip gloss, you should try this one because it is really the opposite of those ubiquitous gel formulas that cause your hair to be perpetually stuck to your lips. The color I received, "pouty pink", looked frighteningly frosty in the tube, but that effect thankfully did not carry over upon application. It gives the lips a cool pink sheen that I find flattering. How about wear? Well, that is the only downside. Because it's not sticky and the creamy base has plenty of slip, this gloss wears off really fast.  So, you'll find yourself using that lighted mirror to touch up once every hour or so. Still, if you don't mind that, I think it's a good product, if a bit ambitiously priced at $20.


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