Review: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

I have tried a LOT of skincare products. I love doing so - it's fun to see what works best on my skin. This is one of the few staples I keep rebuying because I like the results more than I like trying other things. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum is a vitamin C serum. You put it on before any other lotions or sunscreen and let it sink into the skin for a minute, then proceed with the rest of your routine. It lays down an invisible antioxidant cocktail that helps your skin fight free radicals throughout the day. I use it in the morning only. When I use this, I find my skin is noticeably brighter and tougher. Being 34, I've had a few freckles and sunspots emerge on my face despite diligent sunscreen use, but the Truth Serum fades them. It is so lightweight that once it melds with your skin, you can't feel it on. It doesn't interfere with makeup or sunscreen. What more can you really ask for? I've tried other antioxidant serums but none perform as nicely as this one, so I'm hooked.


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