Review: Jo Malone Wild Strawberry and Parsley Cologne

My goodness, this Jo Malone cologne has quite an evolution. I'm sampling another of the Herb Garden collection scents - Wild Strawberry and Parsley.  It is certainly aptly named. It opens with a BLAST of parsley.  The most true to life herb in perfume I've ever smelled, in fact. If you want proof, my guinea pig actually went nuts when I sprayed it because he thought he was getting his favorite treat.  Kind of amazing!  As interesting as it is to smell that, though, I really don't want to smell like parsley, so fortunately it faded pretty fast. Next comes an intensely sweet and juicy strawberry note that I really, really like. Sadly, it is incredibly fleeting, quickly supplanted by a soft violet. After a short, violet-filled interval, the strawberry comes back. But this time, it's not the exciting wild strawberry - it's the bloated, watery supermarket strawberry. What a disappointing finish to a very interesting fragrance.


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