Review: Commodity Fragrances Cocktail Kit

I've wanted to try the Commodity fragrances sold on for a while but could not find samples anywhere. So, I was very pleased when Sephora started selling a sample kit and promptly bought it. Like a lot of other lines these days, Commodity hopes you find more than one scent that you like and layer them to create new combinations. They describe the white fragrances as lighter and airier, while the dark fragrances are more intense. I think in practice this works out to the white ones being more appealing to the typical female nose, while the black ones would be more geared towards most males. I tried all of them separately, as well as some of the suggested "cocktail" combos.  Here are my impressions.

Gold: Sweet, herbal vanilla with a bit of juniper. This reminds me quite a lot of Diptyque Eau Duelle.
Mimosa: Inspired by the cocktail, not the flower. Sweet citrus opening with candied grapefruit and fresh, sweet orange. Kicks of black pepper that I find a bit off-putting and unnecessary. Soapy drydown.
Rain: Watery freesia and lotus - soapy and aquatic. Hints of lime that grow stronger in the drydown.
Tea: Wonderful sweet lemon opening with hints of black tea. Tea note gets stronger in the drydown, with a hint of soapy freesia. Surprising and super enjoyable.
Magnolia: Terrible waterlily note in the top that thankfully fades quickly. Luscious magnolia toned down by soft rose emerges. The far drydown is a weird combination of candy and oakmoss.
Whiskey: Not sure I see the whiskey inspiration very much here - I get some sweet lavender, bergamot, and some cinnamon oak in the drydown.
Book: Interesting combination of cucumbers and pencil shavings in the top notes. Middle notes contain quite a bit of balsam, with vetiver and sandalwood growing more prominent in the drydown.
Gin: Very strong on the eucalyptus. Really reminds me of Vick's Vapo Rub.  I don't know why they called it gin - there is no juniper in it at all.
Moss: Moss could easily belong with the white fragrances instead of the black. It's airy and smells like oakmoss (of course) and a a bit of peppery driftwood.
Wool: Good gracious  - this is sweet, sweet lavender. I don't care for it and don't see what it has to do with wool.

"Cocktail" combos:
Morning fog (1 spray Rain, 1 spray Moss): I like this better than these two fragrances separately. It's a soapy, aquatic, clean sort of scent that could easily be worn by both women and men.
Blanc (2 sprays Gold, 1 spray Magnolia):  The Magnolia gets totally overwhelmed by Gold and the aspects I liked about Gold alone seem to disappear when layered. The juniper is totally lost and I'm getting an awful sweet, plasticky smell.

The verdict?  A fun trial but I don't really buy the layering thing. I bought Tea to wear on its own because it is delightful.


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