Review: Ava Luxe Amande Eau de Parfum

Ava Luxe Amande opens with a strong, boozy almond extract note that I absolutely love.  There is also an underlying buttery note that reminds of the pastry note in Serge Lutens Jeux de Peau. As it dries down, Amande gentles as it dries down - unfortunately. That wonderful boozy almond puffs into powder. A strong heliotrope note emerges entwined with a milky vanilla.  Sandalwood becomes more prominent far into the drydown. Oddly, I find it kind of jarring, even though it should meld really nicely with the other notes in this blend. I strongly wish Amande did not evolve as it does because I adore the opening but I dislike it more and more as the drydown progresses. In terms of longevity, I find Ava Luxe fragrances excellent in that regard and this is no exception - it lasted a good 12 hours.


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