Review: Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum

My Tom Ford cream eyeshadow in Platinum has arrived and I have a bone to pick with Mr. Ford regarding the color names for his spring 2016 collection.  This is decidedly NOT a platinum color, which I regard as a cool silver.  This is more a dull gold with distinctly warm reddish brown undertones that are particularly apparent when blended out (right swatch above).  It does NOT work on my skin well at all and it is definitely not the same color as the Platinum of earlier releases, of which I have seen many pictures online. In terms of performance, it seems to wear the same - which is, very well. It stays glossy and doesn't crease.  Here is a photo with it swatched next to Burnished Copper - which was also misleadingly named, but I like much better.

Platinum (left), Burnished Copper (right)


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