Review: Teeez Oasis Gem Lipstick

I received this Teeez lipstick from Glossybox and was very pleased with how it looked. The tube is pretty, interesting, and unique, and the color looked beautiful, even when swatched.  One thing puzzled me: it claimed to have a "matte, satin" finish. Those are two different things - you cannot have both. And to be clear, after testing, this is definitely a matte. The color is a rich, highly saturated vampy red with pink undertones.  Where I started to lose interest in this was upon application. You definitely need a lip brush because the shape they chose for this is awful for such a dark, highly pigmented lipstick - there is a reason the bullet shape is so popular. It is much easier to apply precisely. Without a brush, I wound up with weirdly misshapen lips and it looked terrible. The formula is a bit drying and the longevity is strangely terrible for such great pigmentation - it seemed to just slide off my lips, and it really went everywhere when it did. I really think they should reconsider a lot of things about this product, from the shape to the formula.  It retails for $22.


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