Review: Select Fragrances from Dame Perfumery

After a succession of raves on Makeupalley about Dame Perfumery, I simply had to go check out their offerings. My package arrived beautifully wrapped. I had ordered three 5 ml decants of the fragrances that most appealed to me and they included 5 additional samples along with a handwritten thank-you note.  Such a nice touch.  The prices are quite reasonable - the decants were $8.50 each and if I like any of them enough to order a full bottle, they are $65 for 100 ml. Here are some brief reviews of everything I received:

Peach Blossom, Violet, & Vanilla: This is one of the decants I ordered. It is a beautiful, transparent peach blossom underlain with a clean musk. The violet lends a bit of soapiness and appears shortly into the drydown. I don't smell any vanilla.  It is very delicate and the sillage is quite close. Longevity is not great with this one - even though I generally prefer EDPs, I think this one might benefit from an oil formula instead to improve longevity.

Black Flower Mexican Vanilla: Also ordered a decant of this. Luscious vanilla with floral undertones and a warm tonka base that grows woodier and more caramel in the drydown, which is a bit too earthy for my preference. More sillage than the floral scents with excellent longevity.

Passionfruit, Orange Blossom, and Vetiver: Tart and tangy. Like a more interesting version of Cartier Zeste de Soleil, with a vibrant passionfruit top note. The orange blossom and vetiver are gentle, and the drydown is clean and sweetly floral. I would definitely buy this if I didn't already own a large bottle of the Cartier.

Gardenia Soliflore: Now this is exciting - a gardenia perfume that really smells of gardenia! The very first top notes of this one are exactly like a real, live flower...but the drydown goes awry. There is some kind of fruity note that keeps wanting to burst through, and we lose that fresh, dewy floral aspect of a true gardenia.

New Musk: This is marketed as a men's cologne but I can safely call it unisex. The opening actually smells more feminine to me, with a clean, powdery, almost sweet musk. In the drydown I smell a hint of pine and lavender that turns it more to the men's market.

Desert Rose: A soft, dusty rose with touches of geranium, heliotrope, and sandalwood. Too powdery for my tastes.

Dark Horse: Quite delicious. A deep vanilla with sweet citrus, rose, and cinnamon

Mandarin, Neroli, and Cedar: A bubblegum orange blossom that starts out sweet and dries down sour and woody. Ends up in a soapy musk. Very pleasant and a fun evolution.


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