Review: Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette in #09

From top to bottom: 45M Industrial, 44M Indian Gold, 18M Glam Green, 10M Aluminum, 14M Antique Olive

Natasha Denona make up products have only just begun to make their way to the US and some of her base products can currently be purchased at Beautylish. I'm told they should carry the eyeshadow soon, as well. I ordered this palette directly from Denona and it shipped from Israel, arriving within about a week of my purchase. The cost including shipping was $48.  For that price, you should get nicer packaging - this case is flimsy and rather cheap in appearance. But the eyeshadows are a generous size and very high quality. I got #09 which I thought looked like a nice neutral palette I could use for work.  Oh, I was wrong about that. The shimmer impact of these eyeshadows is incredible and makes most of them inappropriate for work.  The pigmentation is rich and the texture is almost buttery. I have been able to get away with applying 10M Aluminum and 18M Glam Green lightly on casual Fridays, but the rest are best saved for nights and weekends. I especially love using 44M Indian Gold as a highlight in the center of the lid - the sparkle and sheen is stunning.

Of course, with this much sparkle a little fallout is probably unavoidable. I get much less when I use eye primer. I would not go so far as to use glitter epoxy, as these are not glittery - just very, very shimmery.

Would I buy more?  I would, if the brand would make more variety in its finishes. I understand shimmer is Natasha Denona's thing, but a palette with ONLY shimmery shades is not as versatile as a palette with a matte or two thrown in.


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