Review: Jo Malone Nasturtium and Clover Cologne

This is another fragrance from Jo Malone's Herb Garden collection. Nasturtium and Clover Cologne  starts off with a cool greenness reminiscent of clover - though, if you didn't know the name, you could just as easily think it's ivy or green leaves. When the green leaves (ha!  see what I did there?), a honeyed floral comes through. It's still light, very much in the Jo Malone style, but certainly sweeter than the other scents in this collection that I've tried. There is a peppery kick underlying it all that, in this context, makes me think of watercress growing near the bank of a stream. Nasturtium?  Well, I've never noticed them to have a particular scent, but I suppose it's plausible that they're a lightly sweet flower. Overall, I like it and can see myself wearing it often to work, but I'm not wowed.


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