Review: Jo Malone Carrot Blossom and Fennel Cologne

Jo Malone's Carrot Blossom and Fennel Cologne is part of the limited edition Herb Garden collection - hence the special green bottles. It features notes of fennel, aniseed, carrot, and orris. I must say, though, this is one of those rare fragrances where I can't really pick out any strong individual notes. It smells green, clean, and bright. There is a faint metallic edge to it that I attribute to the carrot and orris. For anyone concerned that the fennel and aniseed make it smell like licorice, don't be - I get none of that in this scent whatsoever. It does bring a garden to mind. Like many Jo Malones, it's not a very strong scent and it fades quickly. I find I want to reapply every few hours.  Still, it's very pleasant and I'm happy with the purchase ($70 retail). If you'd like to try a decant, see this page for prices and how to buy.


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