Review: Clean Reserve Discovery Layering Set

This set recently became available in Sephora. It includes 9 1.5 ml spray samples from the Clean Reserve line. I sampled several of them, as well as some of the layering suggestions included with the set. Overall, I would say it was a fun experiment but none of the individual scents really impressed me and the layering combinations were disappointingly not very transformative. Here are my impressions of everything I tried.

Blonde rose: sharply soapy musk - I don't get a lot of rose here
Terra woods: Effervescent greenness and cedar, a bit of lemon
Sueded oud: Sweet oud, has a sharpness in the drydown
Smoked vetiver: Not terribly smoky but a dry grassy vetiver
Amber saffron: Sweet and interesting, saffron is subtle but there. Amber predominates.
Velvet flora: sweet, generic floral with a strange plastic edge
Rain: clean laundry musk
Skin: baby powder, quite sweet
Warm cotton: THE just out of the dryer smell

Suggested layering combinations:
Rain + warm cotton: Kind of the epitome of clean, but it turns a bit too sharp for me
Sueded oud + blonde rose: You really lose the blonde rose  here and the sueded oud becomes less sweet and more oud-y
Velvet flora + terra woods: Velvet flora ruins terra woods, and now the whole thing smells like an artificial, plasticky mess

A combination I came up with that I preferred:
Skin + amber saffron: the skin musk tones down the amber a bit and it's a nice, sweet saffron scent


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