Review: Ava Luxe Heart of Glass Eau de Parfum

In my experience, tuberose-centric perfumes are exuberant, lush creations. Not so with Ava Luxe's Heart of Glass. This scent has an old-fashioned air and a fragility.  The tuberose has a crystalline quality but nonetheless lasts for hours. I find it most appealing in the top notes, where it retains a bit of greenness. The drydown is almost musty, mixing with a musk that I find a bit abrasive. There is a hint of other white florals, such as jasmine, as well, but they remain well in the background. Heart of Glass wears close to the skin but has a potency that endures for the whole day.  I wish I liked it more but I think I prefer my tuberose to shout its loveliness from the rooftops.


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