Review: Yosh Stargazer Eau de Parfum

I have a couple of cardinal rules for perfume buying.  One is to never buy anything blind - always sample first, because no matter how enticing those notes may sound in print, in practice they might add up to something vile. Another is not to duplicate anything else in my collection. I valiantly try to adhere to these most of the time but every once in a while an especially awesome discount makes me throw caution to the wind.  November-December was especially tempting and I made a few unsniffed purchases with mixed results.  Yosh's Stargazer EDP was one that unfortunately went awry.  I found this bottle at half price and thought, ooooooh.  Lily!  I love lily.  And ooooh, Yosh!  I don't have any Yosh.  And that was all it took to spend my hard-earned dollars on one of the most awful lily scents I have ever encountered.  Whatever is in this bottle maybe vaguely resembles a lily but there is an overall mustiness that runs totally contrary to the exuberant sweet greenness I was expecting.  That musty note becomes bigger and badder in the drydown, making it really intolerable.  It's as if someone left a lily to rot in the attic, where it acquired a thick layer of dust. There is supposed to be a ginger note in here, but I can't smell it.  Talk about an utter fail for me.  Lesson learned...for another few months, at least.


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