Review: Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Burnished Copper

Squee! My first Tom Ford cream eyeshadow.  I held out buying any for a long time because the best colors always seemed to sell out with every release, and they are so damn expensive ($42) I was bound and determined to get THE RIGHT ONES!  So this season, I preordered Burnished Copper and the much lauded Platinum. Platinum hasn't arrived yet, but of course I could not wait to dig into my Burnished Copper.  The shade is a lovely neutral.  Not really a copper at all, frankly, but rather an antiqued cool toned mossy bronze with some shimmer. It can be sheered out or layered for more intensity (see swatches above). I find that it applies nicely to the eyes and does indeed feel quite creamy.  It's very easy to blend.  The disconcerting thing is, I couldn't really get it to "set" so it did migrate a bit throughout the day.  On the other hand, that does make it easy to do my eye looks because I don't need to rush to work with it before it becomes impermeable. Longevity is surprisingly good for a cream eyeshadow that doesn't set and, weirdly, I get about the same results with and without primer.  With other cream eyeshadow, I often like to use them as a base for powder, but this is simply too slippery for that to be effective for me. It creates creasing and messiness. I think these are definitely best used on their own.  Are they nice?  Yes.  Will I purchase any more?  Probably not.  While lovely, I simply can't see how the performance justifies the price.


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