Review: Pinrose Perfumes

Nordstrom sells a sampler pack of Pinrose fragrances that I couldn't resist. It's around $20 and the samples are--somewhat annoyingly--little moistened pads that are individually wrapped. I would have preferred glass vials. However, they do thoughtfully include 2 packets of each fragrance so you can test each one twice.  Here are some brief reviews of each fragrance:

Pinrose Eau de Parfum: Rose that is somehow jammy and powdery at the same time. A hint of suede and clove.
Campfire Rebel Eau de Parfum: Aptly named, as this is smooooooky.  Lots of burning embers and oud and vetiver.
Moonlight Gypsy Eau de Parfum: Musty, almost milky sweetness with a bit of cardamom in the opening. Woods more apparent in the drydown, with patchouli and gaiac.
Cuddle Punk Eau de Parfum: Sweet and plasticky vanilla with delicate apricot undertones
Tambourine Dreamer Eau de Parfum: Very high-pitched lily of the valley with an odd, jarring dash of tropical ylang ylang
Pillowtalk Poet Eau de Parfum: Rather abrasive powdery musk kept from going too baby powderish with a dose of amber. Gets a bit sweeter as it dries down.
Merry Maker Eau de Parfum: Lots of tart nectarine. Fruity but not sweet.
Treehouse Royal Eau de Parfum: Sultry greenness. Lots of fig in the opening, jasmine and moss grow stronger in the drydown.  This is a hit for me and is going on my to-buy list.
Garden Gangster Eau de Parfum: Blast of bitter citrus, very lime-y, with a soapy drydown
Secret Genius Eau de Parfum: Very pleasant floral vanilla with a hint of sandalwood and burnt sugar, but very, very faint


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