Review: Ouidad Curl Care System

A few months ago, I got an Ouidad haircut. The stylist persuaded me to buy a whole bunch of products, too.  For the record, I regret both decisions. My hair is long and naturally curly, but I like to wear it straight sometimes, too. Ouidad cuts don't really work on straight hair, so it looks kind of weird worn that way now until it grows out a bit more. The products are ok but no better than others I've used.  Here is what I got:

  • Ouidad Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner and Styling Primer: I use this as a leave-in and apply it before I put in other products. It is adequately hydrating but I prefer the Moroccanoil Curl Creme, both for its luscious scent and its hydration capabilities. The Ouidad has a vanilla smell that I can barely tolerate.
  • Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Styling Gel: The stylist applied LOADS of this to my hair and claimed it was "drinking it up." To my amazement, it was not crunchy. I apply a lot less than she did because I don't really buy this argument that hair can absorb a styling gel. It has decent hold and the lack of crunchiness is a plus. I discovered its weakness when I examined my second-day hair, though. This stuff does not age well and leaves white gummy streaks by the second day.  YUCK. I do not intend to wash my hair on a daily basis - that's bad for hair and especially for curls - so this is getting trashed.
  • Ouidad Clear Control Pomade: The stylist recommended I slick this on after the gel.  I find doing this weighs my curls down horribly. I was surprised to discover this is the product I like most out of the 3, but I do not use it in the way it was intended. I have actually found that on days in which I wear my hair straight, mixing a pea size amount of this in my palms and smoothing it over my hair helps keeps flyaways at bay. It's not at all stick or smelly, either.


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