Review: NYX Lip Liners in Purple Rain and Nude Pink

I really like NYX Lip Liners - see my first review of this one in Nectar - and so was very excited when I bought something else from a blog sale recently and the dear lady sent me these two NYX liners in Nude Pink (left swatch) and Purple Rain (right swatch). Nude Pink is a medium nude pink with a matte finish; I took to it right away. Purple Rain scared me a bit with its vibrant cool purple.  I found applying to the lips toned it down quite a bit, though, because my pink lip pigment warmed and softened it. Nude Pink works as a base for any color in my lipstick collection, while Purple Rain works exceptionally well under MAC Plumful. These liners are creamy, longlasting, and nondrying - and cheap! You can't go wrong.


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