Review: Memoire Liquide Nudite Absolue

Memoire Liquide makes it really difficult to obtain its bespoke fragrances. They are available only at a few boutiques and the website is incredibly unhelpful. They don't even have a comprehensive list of all of the fragrances available. Still, I received a few samples from a friend and discovered some new loves that I just had to track down. One of them was Nudite Absolue. This is the epitome of a skin scent. It is a light, clean musk with a sweetness that makes it stand out from other musks. It doesn't smell "laundry-like" at all. Like all of the bespoke essences, Nudite Absolue is pretty linear. It's meant to be combined with other scents from the line to make a truly bespoke fragrance. Not having access to a Memoire Liquide counter, though, I'm content to use it as-is. It's very work-friendly, lasts all day, and is particularly nice in cold weather. If you want to try it, you can order a bottle directly from Memoire Liquide via email or phone.


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