Review: A Lab on Fire Made in Heaven

Here marks another of my unsuccessful unsniffed purchases for December. A Lab on Fire Made in Heaven.  Why did I buy this?  Well, it's very rare to find this brand discounted and I got it for 20 percent off. Also, I tend to have good luck with fragrances from this brand and the notes intrigued me. It is a vanilla-based scent with a reputedly unusual cereal note.  I could not resist, but I should have. The cereal note is apparent right away. It smells like a very sweet cereal that's been steeping in milk for a while. That part is kinda cool and enjoyable.  The custardy vanilla note underlaying the cereal is also enjoyable.  Where they went wrong was adding the florals. The smarter thing to do would be to keep Made in Heaven a straightforward gourmand, with perhaps a bit of amber or cedar to add depth in the drydown.  Instead, they added jasmine and orange blossom and magnolia and tuberose and this floral cacophony clashes head on with the vanilla cereal.  They do not blend together at all and just seem discordant. This is especially true of the drydown, when the florals strengthen and their juxtaposition with the cereal note is at its most jarring.  It's not the biggest blind-buy failure of my life - I can tolerate it - but it's certainly not something I'd be reaching for to wear on a regular basis.


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