Review: Julep Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Plum

Julep has expanded their line from just nail polish. I was never a big fan of the nail polish, so if I hadn't received this eyeliner - oh, I'm sorry, eye GLIDER - in my Glossybox, I'd never have ordered it on my own. I'm glad they did, though, as it is fantastic. The texture is lovely. It really does glide on easily, and smudges out wonderfully for that perfect smoky look. This color is fantastic, too. It's somewhere between a black and a charcoal and a purple. It lasts all day, even without primer. My only complaint is it's not a twist-up - I HATE sharpening.  Overall, though, I can definitely see myself using this up and maybe even replacing it when it's gone.

Note: if you're interested in trying Glossybox, using this link to sign up will earn me points toward a free box.


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