Review: Gold Label Lipstick in Private Jets

When I took this lipstick out of my Glossybox, I grimaced a bit. It looked like a frosty pink mess in the tube. When I swatched it, prospects improved somewhat. It is sheer and the formula felt nice. So, I wore it and was pleasantly surprised. It glides on smoothly and feels light and comfortable on the lips. Kind of like MAC's Lustre formula, but with more slip. The pink color deepened my natural lip color subtly and the sparkles that were so evident in the tube became much more subdued when worn, serving only to add a nice sheen. It basically looked like I was wearing a nice lip gloss, without the stickiness. Wear time is similar to lip gloss, also - it is definitely gone after about 2 hours (sooner if you eat or drink). The packaging is kind of chintzy and reminds me more of a drugstore item than its $14 price tag would suggest. Overall, I'd say I'll probably use this one up because I already have it and find it pleasant to wear, but it's not impressing me enough to buy more. For just a few dollars more, you can buy a MAC lipstick that will perform better and has much better packaging, making it more satisfying to use.


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