Review: Chanel Le Stylo Eyeshadow in Olivine and Campanule

 Top: Campanule, Bottom: Olivine

So enamored am I of my Chanel Le Stylo Eyeshadow in Laurier Rose that I bought two more, even though they are colors I don't normally wear. Then again, Laurier Rose is certainly not my norm, either!  Campanule is a bright blue lavender while Olivine is flat sage green. Both are surprisingly matte.  Given the gorgeous shimmer of Laurier Rose - see photo below for comparison - I was expecting colors with more impact.

There are other ways in which Campanule and Olivine seemed to fall a bit flat to me. They are a touch dry feeling and do not glide as easily onto the lids as Laurier Rose. They also got a bit streaky when I tried to blend them.  Overall, I was disappointed enough to send them back - if one is paying Chanel prices, one expects excellence.


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