Review: Andree Putman Figue en Fleur

Andree Putman is back!  This brand was best known for its dry, driftwood scent Preparation Parfumee, but it was not enough to sustain the label. Now Putman is back with an interesting line-up. I took a chance and ordered Figue en Fleur untried. I LOVE that they offer 30 ml bottles - to me, an ideal size for someone with an, um, sizable collection. I was very pleased to find that I really like Figue en Fleur. The perfumer was Olivia Giacobetti, and I adore her work with fig, so it was a calculated gamble. Figue en Fleur is a fruity fig. In contrast to my beloved Molinard Fleur de Figuier, it is less floral and less branchy. Figue en Fleur has a delightful green fig note that endures throughout the drydown. Accenting the fruitiness is a subtle almond note; a hint of rose and tonka give it depth.  A very pleasant fragrance that is fairly linear; what you sniff at the opening is pretty much what you get in the drydown, too.  My only complaint is in the packaging. The bottle is fairly awkward looking and after using the atomizer for a few weeks, it's begun to stick. I expect better for $85.


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