Review: Trust Fund Beauty Nailpolish in Bitch, Please

I received this in my special holiday Glossybox and I loooooove it.  I'd never tried Trust Fund Beauty polishes before - hadn't even heard of the brand, in fact - but after wearing this shade for a while I promptly went out and bought a few more.  (They cost $15 apiece, if you're curious.) This is one coat, and I find that's all I need for this color. It applies so, so smoothly and easily. The shade is a beautiful sheer champagne with rose sparkle.  My favorite thing about it, though, is how it wears. It's not that it lasts much longer than other nailpolishes, but the way it wears is very subtle.  No chipping - it just kind of fades, starting at the tips. This makes it very easy to wear for a week or longer with no touch ups for me.  And that, my friends, is incredible for someone who can't go a week without chipping even gel polishes.


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