Review: Olivia Palermo x Ciate London Eyeshadow Palettes

These palettes have gotten a lot of buzz lately, and they looked very appealing to me because of both the design and color options, so I ordered both The Smouldering (top) and Smokey Suedes (bottom). Both lean relatively cool-toned but have at least one warm shade.  I admire Olivia Palermo's style and her influence is reflected here.  The colors are wearable but interesting, and the design is thoughtful.  Each palette is essentially 2 eye quads with colors designed to be worn together, and the middle shade can be used to blend either side.  What an outstanding concept!

Additionally, the shadows swatched beautifully - very smooth.  Below you can see the shades in The Smouldering:

And here are Smokey Suedes:

Pretty, right?  I SO looked forward to trying these on my eyes because I really, really wanted to love them and use them always. I was horrendously disappointed.  Here is the problem: they are too soft and do not have enough pigmentation.  Once you apply these to your eyes, if you try to use more than one color (and isn't that the point of a palette like this, to use a bunch of colors?), no matter how much care you take and primer you use, they run together and look muddy.  This issue is probably caused at least in part by how softly pigmented they are.  That understatedness makes them look tasteful, yes, but it also makes it very difficult for such a soft formula to distinguish itself on the lid.  I am by no means a pigment fiend, but these are just not assertive enough to perform as intended.  Very, very sadly, I sent both palettes back to Sephora.


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