Review: Marc Jacobs Lip Creme in Je T'Aime

Marc Jacobs lip products have never been favorites of mine but when I received this mini lip creme in such a lovely deep pinky red color, of course I had to try it.  The Lip Creme formula is matte and very creamy.  It applies almost too easily, with so much slip that it was hard to maintain control of it.  I found a lip brush to come in handy to avoid giving myself clown mouth.  The formula is not very comfortable for me to wear.  It did feel a bit drying and never really "set" so I was very nervous about obvious fading and felt compelled to constantly check in my purse mirror.  It is very pigmented, and Je T'Aime is a beautiful shade that totally covered my very pigmented lips in one swipe.  All in all, I'd say not worth the fuss, though.


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