Review: Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

I've waited a long while to review this mascara because I found myself unsure about it for a time. Eyeko Black Magic is a volumizing, curling mascara that does both those tasks quite well. I really like the way it makes my lashes look. Its curved wand is my favorite type of mascara wand - I find this shape and design easiest to wield. Furthermore, it doesn't smudge on me!  Considering how many mascaras fail the smudge test, that's no mean feat. So why my hesitation?  It's kind of a pain to remove.  I have never, even in testing waterproof mascaras, found one this ornery. My routine involves first cleansing my eye makeup with micellar water, and then cleaning it up with a general face wash with oil cleanser in the shower. This combination has NEVER failed me before, but with the Eyeko, I still find little bits of black around my eyes even after I use the oil cleanser.  It just seems to shatter into a million pieces and goes everywhere.  Because of that, I probably won't purchase it again.


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