Review: Dobner Kosmetik for Glossybox Eyeshadow in Glossy Mauve

Apparently Glossybox is developing its own line now, and using its subscription service to flog the products. I'd be ok with that if the products were good, but this eyeshadow is not up to par.  Let's first talk about the good.  The size is quite generous - 3 grams. The color is lovely - a silvery purple mauve.  The texture is nice - smooth going on, with adequate pigment.  Here's what I don't like, though.  First is the packaging.  It's cheap, feels flimsy and as though it will shatter into a million pieces if I drop it.  I could live with that, though, if the product performed well.  However, even as I loved the initial application of this, I got so much creasing and a strange evolution of the color as the day wore on.  It lost its silvery magic and became a dull, uneven purple This happened both with and without primer, though it was noticeably worse without it.  Bottom line, I will be really unhappy with Glossybox if they send me one of these again.


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