Review: Bond No 9 Scent of Peace for Women

Bond No 9 is not exactly my go-to perfume house.  As a general rule, I find they overproduce, focusing too much on bottle aesthetic and constantly releasing something new rather than the quality of the scent.  All too many Bond scents rely on an awful, screechy musk that is abrasive to my nostrils, as well.  This is not true of some of the older scents, though; Scent of Peace is at least a decade old and I really like it.  As you can see, the bottle is beautiful.  Unlike most Bond No 9 scents, the fragrance lives up to that promise.  It opens with juicy sweet grapefruit that gets a bit more bitter as it dries down.  The grapefruit is energizing, but what comes next is peaceful and calming.  You have whisper-light lily of the valley, a clean musk, and just a hint of cedar. The musk dominates the drydown, clean and fresh.  I wear this a lot to work or if I need a pick me up.

If you'd like to purchase a decant of this fragrance to try, see this page for prices and how to order.


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