Review: Serge Lutens Datura Noir

I've never smelled real datura but if Serge Lutens Datura Noir is any indication, it's one luscious, exotic flower. Datura Noir is beautiful but a bit strange. I smell a mix of heliotrope, tonka, almond, and osmanthus; perhaps a touch of orange blossom, as well. Underlying it all is myrrh, which somehow when combined with all of the floral notes, gives an almost overripe slightly rotting vibe. I love it. It's heady and potent and original.  You'll want to be careful with your spritzes with this one because the sillage can be quite massive.  It lasts all day, and the drydown becomes more vanillic with the florals getting a bit delicate. Some people smell coconut in this but for me, not a whit.  And I'm glad of it - I think coconut would make it more mundanely beachy.

If you'd like to purchase a decant of Datura Noir to try, see this page for prices and directions how to order.


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