Review: Rouge Bunny Rouge Loose Glitter Pigment in Caress of Mink and Wishing for Wings

Seeing as I love Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow, I thought to give these pigments a try. I bought Caress of Mink and Wishing for Wings.  The colors are wonderful - especially Wishing for Wings.  As you can see below, Caress of mink is a cool antiqued gold and Wishing for Wings a silvery taupe.

The packaging is outwardly cute but impractical. They come in narrow, upright bottles with this wand-type applicator.  The applicator is hard, doesn't bring up enough pigment to be useful, and is definitely completely useless at applying on the eyes directly.  I wound up shaking some pigment out onto my arm to use with an eyeshadow brush, which worked but also made a giant mess. I wish they hadn't felt the need to get clever and just stuck to a MAC style jar.

Upon first applying these pigments (always over a primer), I was absolutely pleased.  They go on richly with great color saturation and have an almost buttery feel. Being pigment, some fallout is inevitable, but it was pretty minimal. However, these don't wear well at all and as the day wore on, they faded and lost their luster.  By the end of the day, I think the best way to describe how they looked on my eyes is tired. I also tried wearing them over a neutral eyeshadow, thinking that might help the color stay vibrant, but unfortunately, I got the same results time and again.  It's quite disappointing, as they did start out so lovely. I won't be buying any more.


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