Review: L'Atelier Maquillage Mascara

This mascara came in my Holiday Glossy Box and I have been trying it out over the past 3 days. All in all, I'd say this is not a mascara for me. The brush is a typical bristled wand - nothing special or interesting about it - and the formula is mediocre. It has keratin in it, which supposedly will make your lashes healthier over time, but I do not have the patience to use this for the amount of time it would take to see any results.  I find no outstanding appearance to my lashes with this; they appear darker and slightly longer. I'd say this is not a volumizing mascara, but more of a defining one.  The big dealbreaker, though, is the smudging.  I am getting terrible undereye smudges with this mascara that cannot be thwarted with lash primer, eye primer, or a concerted effort not to rub at my eyes.  To be fair, many, many mascaras smudge on me, so others may have more success. But for now, this guy is going straight in the trash.


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