Review: Guerlain Angelique Noire

This beauty is a splurge well worth the dough. It isn't terribly complex but is incredibly rich and smells sweetly expensive. The base of the fragrance is a deep, rich, smooth Guerlain vanilla. It's long-wearing and yes, sweet.  The kicker with Angelique Noire is the angelica note that lifts and lightens the vanilla. Angelica is lightly floral, green, and always brings to mind the sort of rain you'd find in a fairy tale: a refreshing, almost sweet tinge to the air. I find it absolutely divine. One or two sprays of this lasts all day on me, so I imagine I will use up this bottle in, oh, 50 years?

If you would like to purchase a decant of this fragrance to try, go to this page for prices and directions on how to order.


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