Review: Givenchy Ysatis Iris

I happened upon this beauty browsing ebay one day and when I googled the notes, I promptly purchased unsniffed. It worked out well. First, the bottle is lovely - Givenchy never disappoints in that regard. The scent itself is strange and wonderful.  It manages to be somehow wet and dry at the same time. I cannot compare it to the original Ysatis because I haven't sampled that one in a long while. This special edition version purports to celebrate the iris note in the original. However, I don't get much iris in this at all. It opens with a juicy black currant note coupled with a touch of powdery violet. Soon, an indolic white flower emerges underlaid by a fairly strong patchouli. A hint of rose risks this veering in a very old-fashioned direction, but it does not strengthen enough to overwhelm the fruits, other flowers, and patchouli. A few sprays last all day on me and I find the sillage muted enough to be appropriate for work.


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