Review: Illamasqua Naked Rose Blush

If we are lucky, we will all at one time or another find that perfect blush - that shade that applies effortlessly, that makes our cheeks look perfectly, naturally flushed, and that lasts all day. I found that in Chanel's Inspiration Creme blush - and then they promptly discontinued it. So, having hit pan on my holy grail, I went in search of something that could eventually replace it. Enter Illamasqua Naked Rose.  Here they are for a side by side comparison:

Not bad, right? Chanel on the left, Illamasqua on the right. The Illamasqua is slightly paler and is powder instead of cream.  I'm ok with that; I'd really rather not dirty my fingers, anyway. But the proof is in the application and I did initially struggle. I first tried a goat hair Hakuhodo blush brush.  No. Picked up way too much pigment and I looked like I was flushed to high heaven.  Switched instead to a Chikuhodo ultra fluffy squirrel hair brush.  Oh, yes.  Perfection.  I'll be sad when I use up my Chanel, but I won't be utterly bereft because I do believe Illamasqua Naked Rose will fill its billet admirably.  Swatch, deeper at the top and then blended out towards the bottom:


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