Review: Emite Makeup Artist C Powder Blush in 108

When this arrived in my Glossybox last month, I wasn't super excited about it. The color is not what I'd usually choose for myself--a very deep, orange-tinged, brown-based pink. It almost looks like a bronzer to me. Then I set about swatching it and was blown away by the texture and pigmentation.  This is the silkiest powder I've ever encountered.  If it were a translucent finishing powder, I'd bathe in it.  If it were an eyeshadow, I'd never touch another brand.  The trouble is, it's a blush.  Exactly the product where heavy duty pigmentation can be troublesome.  Look at this swatch:

I barely touched it and look what it did!  It really is incredible the amount of pigment they've crammed into this product while maintaining the amazing texture. Unfortunately, it did prove difficult to apply.  I used my lightest, fluffiest brush but it still picked up far too much product with just one light pass. I had to pass the brush twice over my arm, and THEN apply to the cheeks. It did apply nicely at that point and the color actually worked well. It reminded me of how Lancome Miel Glace looks on me. So, I checked out the Emite website and their prices are pretty reasonable - $22 for a blush, and the blushes are HUGE. But I never reach for products this fussy, so realistically, I won't be ordering any other colors.


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