Review: Diptyque Eau Duelle EDT

Fall is a time I really like to break out my Diptyque Eau Duelle eau de toilette. It can be a bit cloying when worn in warm weather, but when the breeze acquires a crisp edge, this fragrance really shines. The base of Eau Duelle is a luscious soft and caramelized vanilla. No plastic or cookie notes here, just a lovely pure, almost floral vanilla. What really sets Eau Duelle apart from other vanilla scents, though, is the juniper. It's so unexpected but works marvelously, giving the fragrance an almost herbal tone.  I absolutely adore that juniper note. The scent is pretty linear but I would say the drydown is more straight up vanilla than the opening, when the juniper really shines.  It lasts and lasts and lasts on me - still going strong even after a 13 hour workday.

If you'd like to order a decant of this fragrance to try, see this page for prices and directions on how to order.


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