Review: De Bruyere Lip Gloss

One of the things I enjoy about Glossybox is that I get to try new brands of which I'd never heard. That sometimes works out well, sometimes not - but it definitely lends some spice to my cosmetic life. This month's box was French themed with products that can be purchased at the famous French pharmacies. I was immediately drawn to this lip gloss by De Bruyere because of its intense red color.  I don't wear red lips often, but I have found that red lip glosses tend to work best for me when I do because they look more natural and are less opaque than a lipstick.  Then I swatched this beauty and realized how wrong I was:

Would you look at that intense pigment!? The color is amazing - it's a pink-toned red that looks like this after just a light swatch. The texture is definitely that of a gloss so I have no idea how they crammed this much pigment into it without making it more creamy.  The applicator is doefoot, which I favor for glosses.  For this one, though, as beautiful as it is, it just didn't work out to be what I wanted. The pigment was hard to work with; I really struggled to get the lip line not to look messy.  Plus, the product didn't really stain, so it wore unevenly and was not very longlasting. All that being said, I'm intrigued by the opacity and vibrancy of this color. If I found more colors by this brand to try, I'd probably pick up a couple to experiment.


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