Review: Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil

I adore cleansing oil. A cleanser and makeup remover in one, gentle to the skin? Yes, please. I have tried many of them, however, and they are not all equally good. The Josie Maran Argan Oil one, for example, was sticky and hard to rinse off. Shu Uemura, on the other hand, is my gold standard: lightweight, gets everything off, and rinses clean easily. This Tatcha cleanser is much closer to the Shu than the Josie Maran, but the Shu is still slightly better.  The Tatcha is more substantial feeling than the Shu, thicker in consistency; I was concerned this might make it adhere too closely to the skin, but it does not. It feels lovely and rinses off very easily.  Perhaps a touch too easily; with the Shu oil cleanser, I rarely find a speck of eye makeup when I get out of the shower.  With this one, though, I usually find it necessary to use makeup remover to clean up the eyes a bit.  All in all, I wouldn't switch to this one permanently but will definitely use up the bottle I have.


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