Review: Stiks Cosmetics Lipstick in Mauve

I received this lipstick in my last Glossybox and was immediately curious to try it thanks to the unusual shape and packaging. I'd never heard of the brand, Stiks Cosmetics, but a quick look at their website revealed they have many other shades and charge $15 per lipstick - pretty good, as it makes them competitive with MAC. So, the test:

I think the name of this shade, "mauve", is a misnomer. Rather, it's a delightful berry pink - nice and deep for fall. Swatch done, I moved on to lip application.  This is where things went awry. They got a bit too clever with the shape of the lipstick. It is terribly difficult to apply a rectangular thing to the curves of the lips. Despite being quite careful, I had several places to clean up that went beyond my lip line.  So, that was annoying.  However, the formula itself is marvelous. The color applies nice and true, glides smoothly, sits lightly on the lips, and lasts incredibly well. I've drank 16 oz of water, a cocktail, and eaten a salad, and my lipstick looks freshly applied through it all.  I dearly, dearly wish this company would change the shape and go to a regular round tube - it's all that is keeping me from ordering several more colors.


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