Review: Nars Foreplay Palette

I received this palette gratis from my Barneys SA with my beauty event order. It is a super generous gift - $49 value. However, I really must conclude after testing this that Nars cheek products are just not for me. The palette includes 3 blushes and 1 shockingly gold and glittery highlighter. The biggest blush shade is Orgasm, Nars' bestseller, but to my knowledge the other three are nameless and original to this palette. I skipped testing both Orgasm and the highlighter because both were glittery messes. I was more interested in the other blush shades, both of which were matte.  Unfortunately, I could tell just from my swatches that they were going to be difficult to apply because they looked patchy. And I was right. These were so difficult to blend and just all around a pain to work with. I had the hardest time getting them to sit right on my cheeks and the results were ok, but not worth the effort. I had the best results with my fluffiest blush brush - a more densely packed brush yielded far too much pigment and did not disperse the color well.  I found the lighter, purple-pink shade to be the most flattering because the other was almost too warm for me. They had decent lasting power; some fading by the end of the day but still visible. Overall, though, I just don't get it - why do people go gaga over Nars' blushes?


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