Review: Lostmarch L'eau de l'Hermine

Lostmarch fragrances are among the most underrated in the niche world, in my opinion. They are transparent, airy creations that tease the nose rather than smacking it head-on. L'eau de l'Hermine was my first Lostmarch purchase and it continues to be my favorite of the line.  It opens with a cheery citrus melange of grapefruit and bergamot and orange blossom. There is a sweetness to the citrus that keeps it from being bracing. As this fades, you get a wisp of lavender - not enough to turn this into an herbal or masculine scent, but enough to make you think there is Something Else I Smell, and try to puzzle it out. Deeper into the drydown, light peony twines with white musk and drifts away altogether too soon. This is my one complaint about Lostmarch: their longevity sucks. But to make a fragrance this airy and delicate AND have it last all day seems impossible. So, given they are a rather affordably priced line and I can respritz with abandon, I don't hold this against them.


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